About the Book

In Love Made Simple, You’ll Discover:

Why most religions feel restrictive when it comes to the message of love and how to separate the message from the practice.

How to use love as the foundation of your life and understand you are never alone…you are part of humanity!

Growth, self-reflection, and mindset practices that put you on a path of hope.

Methods to confidently navigate all stages of life to propel you to greater success.

Life’s many obstacles can throw anyone into a tailspin that feels uncontrollable. Ultimately, everyone is searching for acceptance and joy. If you search for that acceptance and joy by living by the book when it comes to religion, your search for hope can be filled with frustration. Instead, live a life of purpose built on the principles that unite us all: love.

Conquering an undiagnosed disability, Armed Forces veteran Juan Lee studied religion for over 30 years. The truth he uncovered: Everyone is ultimately searching for acceptance and joy. Love Made Simple: A Guide to Inner Peace, Contentment, and Success is an earnest look into what it means to be part of humanity and live with love guiding your way. Look at success with new eyes and awareness to accomplish any goal before you.

Understanding The Book

Love Made Simple: A Guide to Inner Peace, Contentment, and Success is your essential manual for aligning your abilities to gain clarity of mind and soul. If you like overcoming fear with practical tools and pursuing self-improvement, then you’ll adore Juan Lee’s liberating book.

Buy Love Made Simple to learn how the simple message of love can guide you today!

What is Love?

The world we live in is a mess. The people in it are a mess, too. They can be short-tempered and filled with hate. They do terrible things that don’t make sense. They can be selfish and self-absorbed.

Is that how you see the world? So many of us do. But there is a better way.

You can experience peace, joy, success and serenity.

I didn’t believe it myself at first either, but I’ve unlocked the secret.The secret is simple – love.