Caring Means Being There


For the early part of my life, I struggled to show people that I cared. They only saw the forgetfulness and assumed that I was aloof or indifferent. They were sure that I wasn’t paying attention.

I always cared, though, and tried to show it. Caring actually does double-duty because it makes you feel good as well as those who receive it.

Caring means being there for someone in their time of need. It’s the recognition that someone needs help and shouldering part of the load. You may not have concrete answers and solutions for them and that’s okay. Sometimes people just need to talk through their issues and vent their frustrations. Other times, they might want to make sure they’re approaching things from the right mindset. Their situation might not have anything to do with you but your being there can help them manage their dilemma.

Listening is a great way to show that you care. Ask someone how they’re doing. Be engaged in their stories. Give them eye contact and your undivided attention.

Failing to care—or share—is like holding a seed of your love in your hand. If you don’t put the seed in the ground and give it water, sunlight, and air, it will never grow.

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