Rejecting and Overcoming Discrimination

We’re living in a time when we’re each becoming more vocal about the ways that we’ve been discriminated against in the past, and also more aware of the ways in which we might have shown some bias toward another person. One thing that is certain is a path exists toward healing from those experiences.

I was discriminated against while being interviewed for the Air Force. The interviewer asked if I had used illegal drugs before. “No,” I said, which was the truth. He actually told me that he did not believe me, and he instructed me to leave his office. He thought I was lying to him.

Maybe he truly did not believe that a young black man in 1980s Maryland could reach adulthood without doing drugs.

Regardless, I had exceeded what he thought was normal for someone like me and that understanding, or attitude, would not allow him to believe my answer.

I had experienced discrimination before and I wasn’t leaving. I knew love in my childhood and it gave me the courage to reject his attitude. I went on to serve nine years in the Air Force. I came out of the service knowing that the keys to success exist inside us but it’s up to us to use them.

In my new book Love Made Simple, I share that experience as a way to validate the feelings of anyone who’s experienced that uncomfortable feeling under the lens of microaggression. Love is the most important thing to help a person pull themselves out of that moment, and move forward without shame and negativity holding them back.

I invite you to join me on this journey toward a hopeful new perspective through LoveMadeSimple.

Peace is Our Success

Peace is Our Success

Peace is our ultimate success.

You can’t buy peace. We can buy things and put them around us for false peace. And we think that’s okay, until something beyond your control happens. When something beyond your ability happens and you are left without peace to protect yourself. Peace is the ability to protect your mind from strife or any kind of disorder. Without love when you need peace it is nowhere to be found. If we don’t invest in love, when we really need peace, it will escape us.

Love makes peace possible. We all want internal peace when the storms of life come our way. Love measures success with peace.

Peace is about the ability to handle life’s situations. Not preventing situations from happening or constructing protections around yourself. Peace is not based on what’s around you or what’s not around you, it’s based on what’s inside of you. It’s the ability to stand steal when things are confusing all around you. Peace is the ability to rest in the midst of a struggle. Peace is a state that you possess on the inside that keeps you calm and collective in the mist of turmoil. Peace allows you not to worry.  It keeps you confident and assured of any outcome.

Peace is a byproduct of love. The only way you can get this peace is through love. We have to start investing in love. Start your investment with “Love Made Simple” the guide to inner peace, contentment, and success.

What is Love

What is Love

LOVE makes everything possible. It’s not easy to love. That’s why it’s called love. It has no end. Love is supernatural. It has no boundaries, and it’s unstoppable. But to love, we have to be secure within ourselves. We have to be available to it. We need to be free from internal hurt and pain so we don’t take that pain out on others. Love, after all, is about the other person. To access this power, you must choose to love.

Love has a way of snuffing out fear, whether it’s fear of the unknown, fear of loss, or fear of failure. If we let fear wedge its way into our lives, it prevents us from truly loving one another. Love is an attitude of humility with compassion that leads to action. Love gives without any expectation in return. Love requires a sacrifice to be actualize or realized.

Love is a choice. We must choose to love and not to fail. Both success and failure are choices. The outcome of your life is based on your choices, not your circumstances. Your circumstances are things that surround your choices. Regardless of your circumstances, you have a choice to love.

A choice not to love, is a choice to fail. A choice to love brings success every time. It’s a choice no one can take from you. Love doesn’t exist until you choose to show it to someone else. Love cannot be seen or experienced unless someone demonstrates it for others to see and experience. Love is an assurance that all is well no matter what. Love cannot fail. Love is a choice. Choices are opportunities in life.  Will you use your choices to love?

The Opportunity of Life

The Opportunity of Life

LIFE presents opportunities for choices.

The question is why are we here in this world? We have a reason for being here now.

We exist for each other. We are all here in this world together. We are here for the existence of humanity. We cannot operate in this world without knowing these answers. Without them, you are lost and without hope for success in this life. This information gives you the parameters for life. It lets us know what’s expected from us to participate in life.

This information is without a doubt the instructions needed to live the game of life. The game of real life is something that everyone plays that enters the Earth. I use the term game because we all understand that each game has its own instructions.

And life is no different. In the real game of life, everyone has their own path to follow for success. Everyone starts with the same instructions, but each person has to learn how to apply the instructions correctly in your own life. We all bring something different to the game than anyone else. That makes the instructions unique to each person. Each instruction is designed only for you. The instructions are not what make the difference, it’s you and I that make the difference. The instructions in real life are concepts that we have to understand how to make real in our own lives.

We can only measure our own lives. “Love Made Simple” offers instructions for you to follow to live a successful life.