Sacrifice is the Highest Fulfillment of Love

Sacrifice means giving up something for someone else’s benefit and putting their needs ahead of yours.

It’s also loving without fear of loss —willing to give everything you have

I learned about sacrifice from my time in the military. Military service requires you to know how to sacrifice your whole existence. You sign on the dotted line, saying you’ll give your life for the greater good. It is the essence of love in a nutshell. Sacrifice is love. You’re basically saying, “I’m going to give my life for others.”

During my nine years in the Air Force, I knew that I had value because the airmen next to me needed me. We couldn’t accomplish the mission without each other. And ultimately that mission could require the ultimate sacrifice. But whether we had to sacrifice our lives or not, the mission still had to be accomplished and our lives were part of that mission.

Can you imagine the potential if somebody else promised to do the same thing for you? When you make a sacrifice for someone else, it often leaves other people surprised—they’re not used to seeing someone willing to give of themselves totally for another. Sacrifice is the highest fulfillment of love.