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Juan Lee has done a superb job of showing us all that love is the answer.to everything. But how he breaks it all down into four stages of life: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Senior is brilliant... I can now share with the teens, young adults, and adults in my life what I have learned which is love is the answer to EVERYTHING and it is that simple! Matter of fact the next time you’re angry with someone try showing them, love...
Vivian Flowers
In a world of great confusion, Juan Lee has revealed simple truths that all of us desperately need to know and use on a daily basis. Both entertaining and informative, Juan's "quick read" will inspire you to refocus on what's most important in life.
Glen Jackson, Financial Advisor
Glen Jackson
Financial Advisor
This book offers a unique perspective about love. I feel like the information contained within this read will give value and insight to those who may be beholding all that is happening in the world and be filled with a lot questions they may not be able to answer. Love is powerful...
De'Vannon Hubert
Public Figure