The Opportunity of Life

LIFE presents opportunities for choices.

The question is why are we here in this world? We have a reason for being here now.

We exist for each other. We are all here in this world together. We are here for the existence of humanity. We cannot operate in this world without knowing these answers. Without them, you are lost and without hope for success in this life. This information gives you the parameters for life. It lets us know what’s expected from us to participate in life.

This information is without a doubt the instructions needed to live the game of life. The game of real life is something that everyone plays that enters the Earth. I use the term game because we all understand that each game has its own instructions.

And life is no different. In the real game of life, everyone has their own path to follow for success. Everyone starts with the same instructions, but each person has to learn how to apply the instructions correctly in your own life. We all bring something different to the game than anyone else. That makes the instructions unique to each person. Each instruction is designed only for you. The instructions are not what make the difference, it’s you and I that make the difference. The instructions in real life are concepts that we have to understand how to make real in our own lives.

We can only measure our own lives. “Love Made Simple” offers instructions for you to follow to live a successful life.