What is Love

LOVE makes everything possible. It’s not easy to love. That’s why it’s called love. It has no end. Love is supernatural. It has no boundaries, and it’s unstoppable. But to love, we have to be secure within ourselves. We have to be available to it. We need to be free from internal hurt and pain so we don’t take that pain out on others. Love, after all, is about the other person. To access this power, you must choose to love.

Love has a way of snuffing out fear, whether it’s fear of the unknown, fear of loss, or fear of failure. If we let fear wedge its way into our lives, it prevents us from truly loving one another. Love is an attitude of humility with compassion that leads to action. Love gives without any expectation in return. Love requires a sacrifice to be actualize or realized.

Love is a choice. We must choose to love and not to fail. Both success and failure are choices. The outcome of your life is based on your choices, not your circumstances. Your circumstances are things that surround your choices. Regardless of your circumstances, you have a choice to love.

A choice not to love, is a choice to fail. A choice to love brings success every time. It’s a choice no one can take from you. Love doesn’t exist until you choose to show it to someone else. Love cannot be seen or experienced unless someone demonstrates it for others to see and experience. Love is an assurance that all is well no matter what. Love cannot fail. Love is a choice. Choices are opportunities in life.  Will you use your choices to love?